terjeTerje Groth Berntsen, Norway

Terje Groth Berntsen joined the Norwegian Defense forces where he was trained for operations in the Canine Unit. During his career with the Norwegian Defense Forces he was deployed for operations in South Lebanon three times. The first two times (1984-1985; 1989) as dog handler, the last time (1992) as deputy commander of the Dog Platoon. He graduated from instructor in the Department of Dog Training (1985-1990) to head of the Section Training and Education (1991-1993), and followed this up by being Platoon Commander of the enlisted staff at the Dog Training Academy (1993-1994). During his last four years with the Norwegian Defense Forces he served as Military Constable at Akershus Fortress (1994-1998). In 1998 he joined the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). He first worked as a project manager for Mine Detection dogs in different countries in South East Europe: in Kosovo (1999-2000); Croatia (2001-2003) and Bosnia & Herzegovina (1998-2003). In 2004 he stood at the basis of the formation of NPA’s Global Training Center for Mine Detection Dogs. This center is responsible for all animal detection work (both training and operational deployment) within NPA. He has been head of the centre from the beginning. Under his supervision GTC also started a breeding program. His experience in mine detection makes him a valued adviser and lecturer to several organizations and local authorities. He is an honorary member of the newly founded Belgium Working Dog Club of Bosnia Herzegovina. He is also member of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining advisory board on Remote Explosive Scent Tracing. Terje was born in Oslo 1963.

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