NPA-GTC MDD handler course 2012/2013

Read more...With end of the 2012 demining season, NPA-GTC prepares MDD handler course, for purpose to strenghten capabilities of BH Army force and to educate new MDD handlers in other demining organisations.
Complete course will be conducted in cooperation with BH MAC, with theoretical classes and practical exercises.
Planning time for holding course is from mid of December 2012 and it will end in February 2013.


Adopt Belgian shepherd


Read more...Mine detection dogs (MDD's), as working dogs have the hardest and most difficult task of discovering mines and unexploded ordnance, since in their work errors are not allowed.Norwegian People's Aid, Global Training Centre gives great effort during the breeding, selection and training of these dogs.
in people all dogs are individual and have their own characteristics that can determine the affinities for particular occupations.


Working dogs club

Read more...In the year of 2008, enthusiast and employers of NPA-GTC established and register one of the kind clubs in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Working dog club is for all people, that would like to know more how to train special (assitant, detection, rescue, hunting, guard etc.) dogs. That is difficult task for begginers and even for experts with lots of years experiance because training is always developing and advancing.