NPA-GTC MDD handler course 2012/2013

classroomWith end of the 2012 demining season, NPA-GTC prepares MDD handler course, for purpose to strenghten capabilities of BH Army force and to educate new MDD handlers in other demining organisations.
Complete course will be conducted in cooperation with BH MAC, with theoretical classes and practical exercises.
Planning time for holding course is from mid of December 2012 and it will end in February 2013.


Practical part will be hold on NPA poligons for testing and MDD training ( NPA HQ, Blagovac, Vogosca)
Theoretical part: Clasrooms, NPA HQ, Blagovac, Vogosca.

Leading instructors:

Besko Brutus - Senior NPA-GTC/MDD trainer
Gordana Medunjanin - NPA-GTC/MDD Deputy training coordinator
Adnan Avdić - MDD Trainer assistant

( The list of the instructors is uncomplete and depends about involvment with existing NPA or NPA GTC programmes )

Theoretical subjects will be:

1. Cynology
2. Fundamentals of chemistry
3. Regulations on use of the MDD's in demining operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Managing searching operations
5. Recording and reporting of MDD teams
6. Kennel organisation
7. Managment of MDD training
8. Fundamentals on Veterinary medicines and First aid

Practical exercises:

1. Managment of MDD training
    - assesment of the state
    - development of the training plan
    - monitoring of the training

2. MDD Training
   - mdd maintainance
   - obediance
   - indication
   - marking
   - searching
   - internal testing
   - first aid

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