Working dogs club

KlubzaradnepseIn the year of 2008, enthusiast and employers of NPA-GTC established and register one of the kind clubs in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Working dog club is for all people, that would like to know more how to train special (assitant, detection, rescue, hunting, guard etc.) dogs. That is difficult task for begginers and even for experts with lots of years experiance because training is always developing and advancing.

Basic reason for establishing this club is to create society of people in dog training field of work, and to support active participation in sharing and exchanging ideas. At the same time we want to reinforce sports competitive spirit between dog trainers and their dogs.
Working dogs club use NPA-GTC/MDD Mondioring/IPO training polygons. Members of the club holding meeting every fridays from 16:00 to 20:00 hrs, at the Dog working club rooms either in the NPA-GTC polygons.
Here you can contact us !!

New members are welcome !!

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