Mine clearance in Chile and Peru are near completion

Dogs and deminers have completed more than half the task on the border between Peru and Chile.
DSCN2713To date the Norwegian People’s Aid team has found 110 anti-personnel mines and two anti-tank mines in the vicinity of the Quebrada de Escritos ravine, where landmines were washed out on the shore following heavy floods earlier this year. Weekly detonations of findings are conducted every Saturday at the end of the working week.
24 days after starting the clearance operation in the northern and southern parts of the designated area, 10,948 m2 have been cleared using Mine Detection Dogs, and an additional 32,540 m2 have been cleared by manual demining teams. By this date 28,320 m2 of the designated area was mechanically prepared by machine Bozena 5.

Operation on the central part of the task, which due to its high float measuring up to one meter is expected to be the most laborious and critical part of the operation, began this week.

The operation is estimated to conclude on Dec. 17.

Source: www. npaid.org  Author: Tine Johansen, NPA - Oslo

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