NPA-GTC contribute mine clearence efforts in Chile

NPA deminirs

During the summer 2012, Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) was invited by the governments of Chile and Peru to assess a designated area for demining located between the two countries in the vicinity of the Quebrada de Escritos ravine, where landmines were washed out on the shores of the Pacific during heavy floods in February 2012. In the period 6-11 August, NPA conducted and assessment mission to Chile and Peru, visiting the designated area and meeting with relevant representatives from both countries.
The assessment mission consisted of NPA regional director from the Balkans,
Emil Jeremic, NPA regional director from south America, David Bergan, and NPA advisor Damir Jaksic. On the 27th of September 2012, the governments of Chile and Peru and Norwegian People's Aid signed a Memorandum of Understanding, where NPA is to clear a designated area between Chile and Peru of landmines during the 4th quarter 2012. It is an honor for NPA to be  invited to clear landmines between Chile and Peru, and thereby help the two countries to solve a common problem, Steinar Essén, Director of the Mines and Arms Depatment said at the MOU signing.
According to the plan, NPA will transfer its experienced staff, equipment and trained mine detection dogs needed for the implementation of the project from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The staff is composed of two manual demining teams, one mine detection dog team and a mechanical demining team, a total number of 28 staff.Deminers from Norwegian People's Aid Mine Action Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina left Sarajevo on the 11th October 2012. Their mission is to clear the designated area contaminated by landmines, approximately 67,000 m2. The project is financed by the government of Chile.
The demining operations will be conducted in accordance with NPA’s Standard Operational Procedures used in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The area cleared is to be handed over to the coordination body consisting of representatives from the governments of Chile and Peru by 17th December 2012.

Source: Author: Tine Johansen, NPA, Oslo

3 NPA mine action programme dogs that has been accredited by BHMAC and operational in Bosnia and Herzegovina, trained in the facilities of the NPA-GTC Aron, Choy and Helga are deployed in Chile.

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