NPA-GTC breeding status

Flora-with-kongGTC-MDD currently breeds over 100 Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) a year. Malinois are usually active, friendly, protective and hard-working, and have a high prey drive. The breeding program selects the appropriate combination of bloodlines within the pedigree. As a result GTC has a higher success rate in training puppies into fully accredited MDDs and EDDs than any other known search dog producer of this type in the world.

In addition to cost, efficiency and control, in-house breeding enables training from an early age. This in turn means that GTC can deploy the average MDD and EDD earlier than dogs trained by other producers, thus extending the dog’s operational life span by up to 18 months.
Until the end of the year 2012 we are proud to announce 8 more litters from out breeding programmes. They are all combinations of our best breeding dogs.

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