Swiss department of Foreign affairs visits NPA in Bosnia and Herzegovina


A Swiss delegation recently visited Norwegian People's Aid's Mine Action Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well the NPA Global Training Center for Mine Detection Dogs located in the village of Blagovac outside of Sarajevo. The delegation was led by the Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Didier Burkhalter.

NPA briefed the Swiss group about landmine problems and relevant mine action activities and results in Bosnia and Herzegovina, upon which NPA gave a tour of the Global Training Center for Mine Detection Dogs to the delegation. At the centre NPA breeds and trains dogs of the type Belgian Sheperds Malinois, providing NPA Mine action programes and other partner organizations  worldwide with mine and explosive detection dogs for operational work.

For visitor was organized the tour of the facilities including kennel, imprinting rooms, indoor and outdoor training facilities, acquaintance with different age groups from litters to accredited mine detection dogs as well as the demonstration of training of various age groups.

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs is one of NPA’s main donors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, having provided 3,5 million Swiss francs to NPA in the period 2003-2013 for mine clearance, capacity building of the BiH Army Demining Battalion, and to the NPA Global Training Center for Mine Detection Dogs. In 2011 Swiss FDFA funded construction of dog kennel used for everyday training of Mine detection dogs.

NPA Programe Manager Darvin Lisica, stressed the need for continued donor support to finish the Mine clearance job in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as plenty of work remains in order to clear areas littered with landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants after the war 1992-95.










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