Mrs. Bjørg Vesser visited NPA-GTC facilities

IMG 2250This year NPA celebrates 75 years of the existence. In the honour to all people that continually helps NPA efforts to make this world better place for living, NPA has been invited all our donors in the age of 75 to compete and to give one of our puppies a name.

The winner of the competition Mrs. Bjørg Vesser together with a friend visited NPA in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 17th September 2014. Mrs. Vesser also has been accompanied by Mrs. Inger Sofie Solli from the NPA marketing department, Mr. Lars Viljar Kvavik NPA Account manager and other NPA partners.

The selected puppy will be in the process of training and potentially will grow up in adult Mine detection dog for the purpose to save lives in the countries affected by mines worldwide.

On this occasion were organised presentation of work, history and a demonstration of the dog training.



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