Mr Stephen Jenkinson visited NPA-GTC facilities

Read more...Mr. Stephen Jenkinson access advisor to Your Dog Magazine, the Kennel club, local authorities, and United Kingdom Government, visited facilities of NPA-GTC in December 2013. Britain best selling dog magazin published short story about this visit in 2014 March issue.


Regional workshop on how to solve problem with cluster munition remnants and stockpiles in Southeast Europe

Read more...In the period from 8th to 10th of October 2013, Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA) organized Regional workshop on how to solve the problem of cluster munition remnants and stockpiles in Southeast Europe with a focus on practical experience regarding survey and release of contaminated areas, but also on stockpile destruction.

Besides the representatives of the NPA from the region a workshop was also attended by representatives of the embassies, international commission for demining and national authorities in the field of mine action.


Handover of protective equipment to the Demining battalion of the Armed Forces

Read more...On 28th June 2013, 54 protective vests, 300 visor and 3,000 pieces of batteries for detectors were handed over to the Demining battalion of the Armed Forces.
These assets represent additional support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway in the framework of the Norwegian People's Aid Capacity building plan to the Demining battalion of the Armed Forces BiH.


NPA Mine Action Program is reinforced with new MDD - Flora

Read more...NPA Global Training Centre completed training of MDD-Flora. The dog is trained in accordance to the norms of Standard Operational Procedures (SOP). Dog is handed over to NPA Mine Action Program in BiH and will reinforce current mine clearance efforts of NPA MDD teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three MDD's ceded to BiH Demining battalion passed accreditation with BH MAC

Read more...In April 2013, all three Mine detection dogs ceded by NPA-GTC/MDD to  Demining Battalion of BH Army, succesfully passed the accreditation test in cooperation with BH Mine Action Centre, which confirms that dogs are trained following highest standards of Standard Operational Procedures (SOP).Three newly formed teams have qualified to operate in a mine fields.