NPA-GTC/MDD Achievements

Today GTC is a leading provider of high quality MDDs and Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) to NPA MA programs and national partners. Its breeding program is the world’s largest for MDD and EDD search dogs. As well as breeding and training dogs, GTC trains handlers, trainers and supervision staff. A number of these are seconded to National Mine Action Authorities (NMAA) and organizations in other countries, thus generating an effective capacity building component and in-country ownership of operations. GTC also engages closely in the development of IMAS for MDDs and EDDs through its cooperation with Geneva’s Centre for Humanitarian Mine Action.

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Facts and figures

Over the period 2004 to December 2011 GTC bred 98 litters and transferred 352 trained dogs:

Activities 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total
 Litters bred 3 3 7 9 13 14 20 29 98
 Dogs transferred  10  18  24  57  49  60  74  60 352

In 2011 114 GTC-trained MDDS/EDDs were operational in 6 countries. Since 2006 they found 2531 mines and 8287 ERW as well as 262738 various fragments. In total MDDs/EDDs searched 70769758 square meters.

Countries Dogs transffered Technical support
Afghanistan Yes Yes
Angola No Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes Yes
Cambodia Yes Yes
Croatia Yes Yes
DR Congo Yes Yes
Ethiopia Yes Yes
Jordan Yes Yes
Mozambique No Yes
South Sudan Yes Yes
Tanzania Yes Yes
Tajikistan Yes Yes

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